What we offer

Through cultivating an environment that inspires and fosters raising the standard of corporate travel, iTravels provides a unique one-stop travel platform with a holistic and seamless approach for our clients.

Privileged Loyalty Client Programme

At iTravels, we believe in rewarding our loyal and valued clients. We offer a 3-tiered Privileged Loyalty Client Programme which rewards our clients with loyalty points for every dollar-value spent. The three tiers are Blue, Green and Pink, ranging from basic to the most premium level of privileged loyalty. Loyalty points are accrued only when purchases are made from, and the points accumulated can be used to offset any future purchases on iTravels.

Our Proprietary iTravels Process

Every corporate client that registers with iTravels will have a main corporate account which can be used to create additional administrative accounts to access and purchase travel services. With this main dashboard, you can view and print your transaction records, as well as a summary of your travel expenses simply by logging in your iTravels accounts at anytime anywhere.

Provision of inbound and outbound travel services

Strategic work plan sessions are important to help companies to regroup with their employees to mark out their key milestones and deliverables for the upcoming year. Connect with us when you need to organise inbound and outbound corporate events, tours and retreats for your next corporate event with your employees. We will help make your next corporate event, tour or retreat a breeze.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Our mission is intertwined with our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability even as we expand our business. For every dollar earned, we will donate a percentage to our appointed Singapore beneficiaries. In this way, our clients are also contributing towards a worthy cause, thus supporting our tagline ‘Travel with Love’.

Layer 1 Part of the net profit from all internet booking of air ticket and hotel will be donated to Children's Cancer Foundation.

24-Hour Support : +65 9123 4567

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