Who Are We

iTravels is a unique one-stop travel platform conceived by passionate founders who aim to elevate the standard of travel for corporate clients. Providing a holistic and seamless approach to corporate travel, we constantly innovate and improve ourselves in all aspects, ranging from operations to service offerings to ensure we achieve the highest standard of customer service and maintain our competitiveness.

Based in Singapore and incorporated since 1997, iTravels offers a user-friendly platform that is easy to manage, efficient and cost-effective to our corporate clients.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to inspire and empower our staff to be the best they can be to grow iTravels into a global business that provides our corporate clients with an expansive portfolio of travel services that is high quality, holistic and seamless. Our mission is intertwined with our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability, as we constantly innovate and expand our service offerings to meet changing global travel trends, as well as travel requirements of our corporate clients.

What we believe

We recognise the varied needs of our corporate clients and believe in providing a diverse suite of services to meet their requirements. Driven to deliver exceptional impactful services that inspire and engage our clients, we want to create value through intelligent use of resources to innovate and further expand our portfolio of services. We also want to make a significant positive contribution to the local travel industry, partner with local and international authorities to enhance the travel industry and forge long-term relationships with our clients as we globalise our business.

Layer 1 Part of the net profit from all internet booking of air ticket and hotel will be donated to Children's Cancer Foundation.

24-Hour Support : +65 9123 4567

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